Side events

Side events are organised every day:

  • Four side pair events every day
  • One event every day played with handicap
  • One event every day played with stratified prizes
  • Barometer or semi-barometer in all side events
  • One 42-board Swiss Teams (Wednesday 2 August)
  • One 24-board Swiss Teams (Thursday 3 August)
  • Drop-in seating; everybody gets to play
  • Money-prizes and master points in all events

The normal daily schedule contains three 1-session events (24 boards) starting at 10.00, 14.30 (hcp) and 19.00, and one 2-session (42 boards) event starting at 15.30. There are fewer side events the first day (Friday 28 July) and the last day (Sunday 6 August). Consult the day-by-day schedule for details (in Swedish).

The entry fees per person are SEK 120 and SEK 240 respectively for the 1-session and 2-session pair events. When pre-paid in the Information desk, there is a 17% discount.

All side events are drop-in, i.e. registration is not required. Our staff will assign a seat for you as long as you show up before start of play. All events start exactly on time, so if you are 15 seconds late you will not get to play.

All results from the first Friday until Thursday are accumulated into three separate players of the week - Bronze (1-session), Handicap (1-session), and Silver (2-session).

Free entry to all side events the closing weekend (Friday to Sunday) can be purchased for SEK 300. This also includes The Goldmine, so take the opportunity to play as much as you like right before going home.



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