Chairman's Cup

Chairman’s Cup is played from Saturday 30 July to Thursday 4 August.

The sign-up period closes on Friday 29 July at 20.00. The entry fee is SEK 2000 per team for the Swiss qualifying, and another SEK 500 for the knockout.

Chairman’s Cup starts with a 2-day Swiss Teams qualifyer followed by four days of knockout. More details about the format and the schedule are found here. Results are found here.

The knockout starts Monday 1 August. The top 32 teams qualify for the main cup, the next 32 qualify for the bonus cup, and the remaining teams are out of the tournament.

Losing teams in the main cup are relegated to the bonus cup. Losing teams in the bonus cup are out of the tournament.

There are money-prizes to the top-6 ranked teams:

Rank Prize (SEK)
1st place 50 000
2nd place 30 000
3rd place 15 000
4th place 10 000
5th place 5 000
6th place 5 000



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