Chairman's Cup

The CC starts on Saturday 27 July with a two-day Swiss qualifier, following which there will be four days of knock-out matches (29 July – 1 August).

Teams will qualify from the Swiss both to the regular KOs and to the Bonus Cup. Teams losing in the regular KOs will automatically transfer to the Bonus Cup. Losers in the Bonus Cup will have to focus on the side event tournaments.

There are great cash prizes in the CC, with a first prize of SEK 50 000 (approximately 4,400 EUR).

You can sign up until Friday 26 July at 20.00 (8 pm). Sign up

The entry fee is SEK 2,800 per team (approximately 245 EUR), but if prepaid before Wednesday 24 July there is a discount bringing the fee down to 2,400 per team (approximately EUR 210). Youth players in a team with at least 4 youth players play for free.



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