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Bridgefestival med spel på surfplattor i Budapest

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Bridgefestival med spel på surfplattor i Budapest

Arrangörens information till SBF, på engelska:

Please make the website of this international festival public in your NBO and try to motivate your best players to be the first who win experience with this bridge technological solution.

the 42. International Budapest Bridge Festival in Hotel Flamenco between 13th and 17th Februar 2019 will be played by using the revolutionary and safe off line computer tablet system instead of cards and biding boxes.

  1. the software blocks many game disturbing technical irregularities.
  2. The actions of all players are registered by a connected database in Germany without human error. The players and kibitzers and TDs can can either follow the broadcasting from every tables, or recapitulate all happenings of the game with time stamps. This system has an internet viewgraph for every tables of the tournament, which is accessible also after the tournament.

This new bridge tournament technology, is considered by the most players who tried the play with tablets in Ostende, Orlando and Budapest and at the running official national championships of Hungarian Bridge Federation.

If you or your players participate at the 42nd International Budapest Bridge Festival, then you will win information to build your own opinion about this development and you can decide how fast in your country will be changed the cards, the duplication, the biding boxes, the bridgemates for a much reliable and for the players more enjoyable IT method.

The difference to the great internet based systems is one side the higher data safety and other side the not lost human contact to screen mate, because the player are sitting at a screen table with all the time closed screen aperture.

If you have any question, or you need help to organise the journey to Budapest please contact Peter Talyigás -

With friendly greeting

Josef Harsanyi