General information

The Swedish Bridge Federation was created in 1933. The main reason was that the existing bridge clubs needed to work together in order to select a team to represent Sweden in the European Bridge Championships.

After seven years (1940) the new federation started to arrange Swedish championships in various categories, the first one being the Open Pairs.

The history of the Swedish Bridge Federation includes a number of interesting facts: the bidding box was invented 1963; the master points system was devised and implemented in 1966; the national team series started in 1976; a handicap system (as in golf) was introduced in 2005 to provide a more relevant tool to evaluate the strength of a player.

Another major decision was to create the annual bridge festival. The first event was arranged in 1994 and from the start the idea was to host an international team event (Chairman’s Cup), most of our national pair finals, and many side events for players in all categories. The Swedish Bridge Festival is today the biggest Swedish annual events with more than 8500 tables in play over the 10 days of the event.

Currently the Swedish Bridge Federation has approximately 27 000 members and almost 350 bridge clubs.



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